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“What should we call our honeymoon?”

… A few days later… “Three-fold cord!”

We intended our honeymoon to be time to draw closer, not only to each other, but most importantly, to the Originator of marriage. It is our strong desire to maintain this union having Jehovah as the central stabilizing force. No, he is not the third cord in our marriage. He is the first.

We are happy to share with you the times we spent together while being enveloped by Jehovah’s handiwork. First of all, a prelude video: the eve of our wedding. 🙂

The prelude
The prelude

We stayed four more days in La Puerta after the wedding. Sunset watching, beach stroll, marine life, kayaking in the mangroves, meditation, prayers, first family worship under the stars while lying in the sand, sea breeze, island life, fresh food, chillin’ … Well, the best things they say, are never recorded in the cam, but in memories. 🙂 We wish to share a glimpse of the grand beauty Jehovah allowed us to enjoy in Guimaras.

Intro to the lovers
Wakey wakey
Room view
Room view 2
360° drone shot of the wedding venue

After Guimaras, we spent time in Iloilo City, Miag-ao, Mambukal, Don Salvador Benedicto, and Bacolod City. It involved traveling both to familiar and also new places, spending time with family while making new friends, getting to know each other better by traversing memory lane and reminiscing life with Jehovah. More flora and fauna, more stars, forests, beaches, science, breathing space …, and best of all, more time for the three-fold cord.

Miag-ao tops
Breathing space
Mother and child
Dinner date
DSB pines
Don Salvador Benedicto
Four days
Butterflies and lagoon
Bible reading in the boiling pool
The end

The honeymoon officially ended when we arrived where Jehovah chose to be our new home: Bethel. This is where his will is for us. This is where we would love to grow. (Eze 1:19-21) We hope you enjoyed these few images of our life right after the wedding. A life we promised to devote to our wise Creator and loving Father, Jehovah God.

Majal Mirasol

Servant of the Creator happily married to Jehovah’s slave girl.

While Majal was absorbed in training for a good foundation in the Maths and Sciences, he learned that there is more to life than simply elucidating complex designs in our universe. He realized that there is a Designer. The Source of our order, an order much superior than what our human brains could conceive.


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