How did all of this begin?

Here’s how our love story unfolded. ;-)


October 12, 2013. Saturday morning. Bethel. I just arrived in Metro Manila two months earlier for my new SP assignment in Makati. I was in Bethel to help rehearse parts for our upcoming Regional Convention. There, I met a neat, top-to-bottom well-arranged sister, who seemed kind and obedient. Her name? Regine. Her soliloquy rehearsal went well, and events on that day would have been another run-of-the-mill, when... something happened that caught my attention: she accidentally left her Bible.

That Bible was… tattered. It bloated, filled with Post-its on almost every page. Within me, I felt that the Bible was a sheer beauty. It sent me nostalgic to my best-loved books: soiled, pages coming out, wellover-used, intimate. What made me smile ironic though, is that this worn out Bible belonged to that neat, top-to-bottom well-arranged sister. That first impression did put Regine on my radar.

Did that set the forest ablaze right away? Not yet. Back then I was simply absorbed with the congregation, ministry, and doing substitute circuit work. (1Co 15:58) Still, we belonged to the same circuit, and Regine pleasantly fluttered in the background. I gave talks in her congregation, observed her during assemblies and conventions, and we once teamed up in an SMPW project. I’ve also been hearing good compliments about her. Some of my friends would even emphatically “sell” her to me. :-)

In time, I became their circuit overseer. In 2015, Regine and I were together in Tagaytay for her first Pioneer’s School. It was easy to see her spirituality, submissiveness, self-sacrifice, determination to work hard, and a strong willingness to adjust and be molded by Jehovah. While my observations and our interactions were very pleasant, and that I did kinda like her, all that wasn’t able to start real flames (yet). It appeared that Jehovah had been blocking and redirecting matters. I was glad to follow wherever His spirit led.—Joh 3:8.

What followed was a lull of some two years. Starting 2016 I was transferred to serve the two other English circuits down south. Through that time, Regine and I interacted only twice, very formally, over email.

You see, during those times, although I was convinced that both singleness and marriage are gifts, I was also not enticed to jump ship, especially when people try hard to convince me that the other side is better. I saw that it is spirituality, not marital status, that makes one truly happy. (Mt 5:3) When applied to myself, for years, I can’t find a satisfactory answer to the question: Why get married?

Despite that, the more I thought about someone who would make a good match to my peculiar chemistry, I began to like Regine more and more. This was further reinforced by the very good reputation she had been making. (Pr 22:1) Nevertheless, I had also fully submitted to a vow that I will get married, not to my choice, but to the one whom Jehovah chooses. Or, if Jehovah willed, to not even use my marriage at all. So pursuing my liking for Reg simply stalled. Things started to changed though when I was already serving at Bethel.

Four and a half years after our first meeting. April 11, 2018. Wednesday evening. Bethel lobby. The very place where we first met. Regine and I saw each other when she, together with her whole family, arrived for her two months of SKE. During her school we barely had any interaction. One night, though, approaching Regine’s graduation, while I was praying at the Bethel grounds, I had one profound realization. A motivation that felt right: I wanted to build a relationship, to be married, neither for me nor for my wife, but for Jehovah. That is, to build a oneness that will bring praise and honor to Jehovah’s name. So I asked Jehovah that if it really is his will, he will make clear to me both with whom, and the way how, I may build such a relationship. I knew that I will be convinced that it is Jehovah who is acting, when it will take place even if I resisted it. (Isa 43:13) So I asked Jehovah that I would just like to “do nothing” about it.

I was thereafter assigned to work with Regine and her team in their assignment in Makati. The fairly constant communication that ensued was the chip that put a crack in our dams. Jehovah allowed us to become more than just friends. It was blindingly fast, pervasive, and precise. So characteristic of Jehovah’s movements. (Eze 1:21) So one evening in July, after a lovely meal, a memorable walk, and after explaining at length to her my deep realizations, I asked her: “I am willing to build for Jehovah... Would you like to build with me?” ❤


So back to my Bible. I highly prized my Bible. That most precious Book penetrated the core of me, and changed my life completely. (Heb 4:12) And the Post-its? Prayers. My personal prayers. In there I would transmit to Jehovah my most intimate thoughts and feelings.

So in 2015 when Kuya Maj (he was still Kuya back then) became my Pioneer Service School instructor, and I saw how the Bible—every single word of it—also cut his core deeply, and I sensed how his prayers connected him with Jehovah so strongly, he became to me what I now fondly call, in one word: gravity.

I battled hard resisting gravity. See, I was determined to devote my 100% undivided attention to the ministry. (1Co 7:35) But with each Scripture that Jehovah helped him burn in my heart (whether through a talk he delivered or an email he sent), each soul-stirring prayer he gave, each praise he received from brothers and sisters dear to me, and with each brain chemical-altering interaction he had with me, I felt the gravity pull just became stronger and stronger.

So my ultimate battle plan? Take up the matter with Jehovah. And leave all things up to Him. (Ps 37:5) At the end of 2015, in a most honest and intimate prayer (which I call The Rope), here’s what I told Him: “Dear Jehovah, I would really love to get to know Majal Mirasol. But only after I graduate from SKE and become an SP. Meanwhile, please help me focus on the ministry and focus on you.” And Jehovah did just that. He blessed me with a beautiful ministry and blazing sharp focus.

Until… March 22, 2018. Thursday morning. I was busy packing for our preaching campaign when my phone started ringing. It was an invitation to the 6th English class of SKE. Well, I love school. Especially Jehovah’s schools. There was just one big tiny problem: the School was in Bethel. And the gravitational force field in Bethel: off the charts. See, Kuya Maj had then become a Bethelite.

Thankfully, the Word of God is alive and exerts more power than gravity. So the School became top priority. Two months of intense training came and went, and on graduation day, I was the happiest girl in the universe to have just survived all of it. All I felt was profound gratitude for the divine education, and excitement for the temporary special pioneer assignment, when… The day immediately after graduation, I received a text message from Kuya Maj. “Reg, what time are you leaving Bethel? I was hoping to give you something.”

Hoping to give me something? Jehovah, since when did Majal Mirasol hope to give a girl anything? And why now? When I just graduated SKE and became a TSP? But that was exactly it. I graduated SKE, and became a TSP. Jehovah never forgot my three-year old prayer.

Almost every day after graduation, we would communicate. And soon, it became clear to me that everything had been set in motion by no other than Jehovah himself. So on that unforgettable evening in July, when Kuya Maj asked me, “Would you like to build with me?” In my head, I thought, “I am Jehovah’s slave girl. Who am I to say no to my Master?”—Lu 1:38.

At the same time, my whole soul deeply connected with that motive: to build for Jehovah. To get married not to satisfy a personal desire, but to build something that will give pure pleasure to the Originator of marriage, and bring praise to His great and holy name.

Of course, I didn’t say yes right away that evening in July. Although it was clear that Jehovah had pressed the play button on The Rope, I felt I needed to talk to him one more time. So one Tuesday night, in the Kingdom Hall in Makati, I went to Jehovah in deep, solemn prayer. I asked him if this is what He really wanted. He then directed me to His Word, and showed me the account of Rebekah. The line that got me: “I am willing to go.” (Ge 24:58) I felt that’s what Jehovah wanted me to feel, and what I too was starting to feel within me.

Well, I finally stopped fighting gravity. (Job 9:4) Instead, I embraced it. With all my heart. And here I am, Jehovah's slave girl, “willing to go” anywhere with my true love Maj (no longer Kuya), and most especially with my dear Master and #1 Greatest Love, Jehovah.

Who are invited to the wedding?

Our dear family & friends,

We love you. As Jehovah does. We also love simple. As Jehovah and Jesus do. (Lu 10:42) From the first wedding, to their teachings, down to the most important evening of the year (the Lord’s Evening Meal), Jehovah and Jesus kept things simple. Yet meaningful and beautiful.

In imitation of our Father’s simplicity, we too have decided to keep our wedding simple. This involved keeping our guests to the minimum essential. The most important guest is Jehovah. Our immediate family and witnesses will also be there. Zero entourage, no prenup or professional photographers, no makeup artists… Our immediate family members will take care of any necessary things. We won’t even have the usual wedding invitations, but we will write each one a personal letter. Essential. Simple. Intimate.

With a simple wedding, we hope to avoid concentrating too much on the act of getting married. Instead, we could plan ahead for a life of being married. That, we believe, is what is truly more important.

Please be assured that we really, really love you. To be perfectly honest, we feel a measure of sadness that you, our beloved relatives and friends, won’t be with us on our wedding day. While we will not be together on this one day, we sincerely look forward to be with you in our journey that would last forever. We are grateful to those who sincerely requested to lend a hand. And we ask only for your gift of prayers, for this union to bring praise and honor to Jehovah, the One ‘to whom every family on earth owes its name.’—Eph 3:15.

From the servant of the Creator & Jehovah’s slave girl,

Majal & Regine

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