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I got colds and fever since last night. Wasn’t able to go to work today. So what did my wife do? (Okay so it’s 18 days to the wedding, but that’s what I feel, and her capableness is clearly seen. 😊) She sent all these stuff from Makati to Bethel. My body is sick, but my heart is healed. ❤️

She is providing food for her household, and does not worry about her household because of the snow, for her whole household is clothed in warm garments.

Proverbs 31:15, 21


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Majal Mirasol

Servant of the Creator happily married to Jehovah’s slave girl.

While Majal was absorbed in training for a good foundation in the Maths and Sciences, he learned that there is more to life than simply elucidating complex designs in our universe. He realized that there is a Designer. The Source of our order, an order much superior than what our human brains could conceive.


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