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I remember what Maj told me on our very first date: “I don’t want to get married. I want to be married.” And that’s what our wedding truly felt like. Only the beginning of a oneness that Jehovah started and will see through to forever.

We hope these photos and videos could somehow transmit the deep love and incomparable joy only Jehovah’s own hand could create.

We hope you enjoyed looking through these photos. Additional wedding videos will be posted at a later time. As well as shots from the two-week honeymoon Jehovah blessed us with.


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Regine Mirasol

Jehovah's slave girl in love with the servant of the Creator.


Irah · August 25, 2019 at 11:58 pm

Inspiring. 😍

Tweetamies · January 16, 2022 at 6:36 pm

What a wholesome wedding that honors Jehovah. Thank you for sharing us your love story. It is indeed inspiring. 💕 Ps. Bride is simple yet very pretty and gorgeous.

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