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Whatever happened to being single forever?
Reg: Jehovah happened. And when he says do something, I need to do it, right? That’s what being a slave girl means.

Maj: Despite people’s impressions, I did not decide to be single forever. 😉 What I vowed to Jehovah 12 years ago, is that I am willing to sacrifice my marriage for his will. Now, he is asking me to use it.

When did you officially start dating?
Reg: Our 2nd date. July 27, 2018. Almost midnight. Ayala Triangle steps. Maj said a prayer. (A wonderful intimate one.) And then he asked: “So Reg, we need to make a decision. Are we going to build?” I replied: “I say yes!”

How did your parents react?
Maj: Mom initially? Poker-faced: “Okay. It’s your choice, what else can we do?” Now? She loves Regine like her own, thinks more about Reg than me. 😁

Reg: I set a date exclusively with Mom and Dad. During dinner, I said: “Mom and Dad, I need to tell you something… There is a brother…” Dad is shocked, but tries to keep calm. I continue: “…Who is courting me.” Mom asks: “Who? Bethelite?” Surprised, I said: “Yes…” Mom: “Is it Maj?” I was floored. “How do you know?” Mom said: “I just know.” We talked some more. And at the end, they told me, “If you are happy, we are happy.”

What did you discover about each other that many don’t know?
Reg: Maj is so sweet. He always says “I love you”, asks me how I feel, holds my hand so tenderly, and looks at me lovingly.

Maj: Reg writes down some of her prayers. She also prays out loud. I like this since I’ll be able to listen in. 😉😅

What do you love most about each other?
Reg: His love for Jehovah. Intense. Pure. Selfless. His reliance on Him. Absolute. Complete. Total. His love for Jehovah’s people. Warm. Strong. True.

Maj: Spirituality. Making Jehovah’s thoughts her own. Love. Based on deep knowledge of Jehovah. Humility. Willingness to become whatever Jehovah wants her to become.

How did you/he propose?
Maj: While on vacation in Nueva Ecija, I had space and personal time to fully connect with Jehovah. He showed me that Reg would be more than my girlfriend. She will become my wife. I accepted the assignment and asked Jehovah’s blessings and favor to make the union a continual success. Of course, I had to wait for Regine to be ready herself, and I don’t want to rush her in making such a serious decision. Two weeks later, while in an intimate conversation, I sensed that she too had accepted the same assignment from Jehovah. No rings, no preps, just our hearts and the willingness to devote all to Jehovah, I asked her and she answered, “I will marry you.”

Reg: We were just talking one night when in the middle of one deep and honest spot of our conversation, he stopped, and asked: “Reg… Will you marry me?” The day before he proposed though, I had approached Jehovah, and in a four-hour prayer, he made it clear that he was giving me this new assignment (marriage) and I of course told Him that I accept the assignment (slave girl forever). Having already said yes to Jehovah, I of course said yes to Maj. So there, the proposal. No big gestures. No fancy surprises. But for me the sweetest proposal ever.

We thought July wedding! Why now February?
Reg: I initially wanted to finish the first year of my temporary special pioneer assignment, which would have brought us to a July wedding. However, Jehovah is the one building. (Ps 127:1) And Jehovah made this building project go full speed ahead. We reached a point we knew we were ready for the the next phase: marriage. We made it a matter of prayer, and as we consulted many mature brothers and sisters, all of them told us one thing: “When you are ready to get married, it is for your protection not to unnecessarily delay.” (1Co 7:1, 2) One elder, my spiritual dad, told me: “Reg, engagement is the most dangerous part of a courtship. And your relationship with Jehovah is more important than your assignment.” And as Maj always says: “Our assignment is to make Jehovah happy.” I may not be able to finish my TSP assignment, but I intend never to finish my assignment to slave for Jehovah eternally.

Maj: Right in our very first date, we made it clear that our relationship and marriage is of top priority and second only to our dedication to Jehovah. (Ge 2:24; 1Ti 4:13) One good friend told me, “Remember, you got married to her, not to your privileges.” We will endeavor to apply this principle, from courtship and into our married life. So when we felt that we were ready for marriage, Jehovah and our mature friends made it clear to us that we need not, should not, unnecessarily wait. It truly is the safer way to go.—Jer 17:9.

What are your plans after the wedding?
Maj: John 3:8. 🙂

Reg: Jehovah’s plans = our plans.

What about having children?
Reg: I would love to have a little Maj. Maybe in the new system.

Maj: Mom, who used to serve with Dad in CO and SP work, once told me: “I never regretted we had you our children. It’s another meaningful chapter in life.” So while Reg and I are not planning to have kids, we will be pleasantly surprised if one (inadvertently) comes along.—Ps 127:3-5.

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