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What is better than traveling with the true love of my life? Traveling with our Greatest Love, Jehovah. In Jeju Island, we stood in awe at his majestic mountains, sublime oceans, and gorgeous rock formations. But besides marveling at Jehovah’s wonderful creations, we also could not miss our weekend meetings. Only thing was, the lone English group in the island was having their circuit assembly that week. So our small group gathered together in one hotel room, and we watched the special talk and discussed the Watchtower study article. (Spot the photo below.)

Jeju Island
Seoul and Seosan

In Seoul, we visited the must-sees: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Coex Aquarium, and N Seoul Tower. We then made our way to Seosan, where we took an unforgettable stroll down a stunning three-kilometer cherry blossom lane. And what better way to wind down our trip by celebrating the Memorial with the English group in Dangjin?

What does Korea have to offer besides stunning cherry blossoms, dazzling landscapes and lavish palaces? Well, a few months ago, our oneness began. Now, as we understand each other better, our oneness blossoms. For one thing, being exposed to the boys’ world for 10 days (I come from a family of five girls) taught me that boys are just naturally playful and lighthearted. Lesson for me: don’t take everything Maj says so seriously. 😉 Except when he says to me, “I love you.” <3


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