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In writing to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul wrote that the problems we face today are “momentary and light”. (2Co 4:17) How could our trials, including the really difficult ones, feel ephemeral and easy? At the end of that verse he mentioned a glory that not only has “surpassing greatness”, but one that is also “everlasting”.

Any number divided by infinity is zero
Any number, no matter how large, once divided by infinity, is zero.

Any number, no matter how large, once divided by infinity, is zero.[1] Similarly, our problems now, no matter how large, pales in comparison to the infinite blessings God has in store for his loyal ones. Imagine waking up in paradise earth. Our troubles today will feel like zero.

lim  N / ∞ = 0

[1] In a branch of Mathematics called Calculus, any number, no matter how large, once divided by a larger number approaching infinity, drops the whole value to zero.

This illustration was used on a midweek meeting talk entitled, “We Do Not Give Up”.

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Majal Mirasol

Servant of the Creator happily married to Jehovah’s slave girl.

While Majal was absorbed in training for a good foundation in the Maths and Sciences, he learned that there is more to life than simply elucidating complex designs in our universe. He realized that there is a Designer. The Source of our order, an order much superior than what our human brains could conceive.


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