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Maj Loves Reg operate servers to support certain blockchain projects. We run servers on reliable cloud infrastructure, using Google Compute Engine, Amazon Elastic Compute, and Hetzner. Security and automation is our passion.

The servers are programmed to patch and upgrade without human intervention. We automate monitoring, routine checks, alerting, and self-healing. Because of these, the systems can respond quickly to security issues, performance adjustments, and unexpected situations 24/7/365.2422. The automation codes are constantly reviewed for enhancements and efficiency.

Find below are our official validators and their signatures. You will also find important status updates to our validators.

CertiK Logo

CertiK is a security company that verifies the safety of programming code within blockchain ecosystems. Maj Loves Reg is a certified genesis validator of CertiK Foundation’s blockchain.

Validator name: Maj ❤️ Reg
Operator address: certikvaloper1e9u8vauflp9xlyefkm58yjgacdy7a6dgzvj08d
Consensus public key: certikvalconspub1zcjduepqlrg9686wntgnh7e2wuntkswj5nudy3k3077hqy8afd2usx3exaxskmtftq

👉 Search for Maj ❤️ Reg in the official wallet: CertiK DeepWallet

CertiK Status Updates

October 24, 2020: We took part as a genesis validator in successfully launching the mainnet of CertiK Chain.

NEAR Protocol is a platform where software developers can create applications that run on the blockchain. We supported NEAR by running a validator since day 0.

Staking pool contract: majlovesreg.poolv1.near
Pool public key: ed25519:DtBmPrPFZR2Zo3aUc8PkVGpnstZRLjRJpkEJJWoPGpkz
Node public key: ed25519:G7smyAGGAA2icWUw7WkFCBXq6ndw5UrGWvaR53PnenYn

Official wallet:
Considerations when choosing a validator:

👉 Stake with us:
Staking instructions if using the command line:

NEAR Status Updates

February 6, 2020: Because of not having enough stake due to very high (and rising) minimum validating price, our node can no longer have a seat among the validators. We are pausing operations in the meantime. We’d like to thank all our delegators and wish them well moving forward.

December 10, 2020: Our NEAR validator is whitelisted on Marlin Protocol’s Flowmint Stakedrop. Delegators can receive Marlin MPOND if they delegate with us. The November 22 warning below is still in place.

November 22, 2020: ⚠️ We are currently running experimental code! If you are a private entity and would like to delegate with us, please contact us first before staking.

October 25, 2020: We updated our maintenance mechanism so that despite NEAR’s memory leak, we are able to periodically intervene without losing any blocks. That means 100% validator uptime. We lost four epochs when performing this update.

October 23, 2020: The software that runs the NEAR nodes currently has a memory leak. We mitigated this through an automated node maintenance procedure. This intervention will cause the validator to miss between 0.2% to 0.9% of the blocks in each epoch. This maintenance does not affect your staking rewards. The stake pool will still get 100% of the rewards as long as it can validate 99% of the blocks. Getting lower than 99% will cause you to miss out on your staking rewards. Our validators consistently maintain 99.1% to 99.8% uptime for each epoch. We look forward to 100% uptime once NEAR could provide a fix to their node binaries.

Matic Network Logo

Matic is a sidechain that is designed to speed up transactions and lower costs in the Ethereum blockchain. We joined Matic Network after they called for 100 mainnet validators.

Validator name: Maj Loves Reg
Owner address:
Signer address:

👉 Delegate with us:

Matic Status Updates

March 25, 2021: After three months of testing the waters with Matic (now Polygon), we decided to stop running our validators. We see Polygon’s place in the blockchain while Ethereum has problems with throughput and scaling. Once these problem are addressed, or when a newer blockchain takes the place of Ethereum, then Polygon would have served its purpose. Since we don’t see a long-term future for the project, we are simplifying our deployments and letting go of Matic/Polygon.

January 2, 2021: Our owner and signer addresses were updated, and the validator fees adjusted to 2%. We also reapplied for whitelisting in the Marlin Flowmint Stakedrop.

December 15, 2020: Our Matic validator is whitelisted on Marlin Protocol’s Flowmint Stakedrop. Delegators can receive Marlin MPOND if they delegate with us.

December 8, 2020: We joined Matic to test the waters, starting with a validator fee of only 1%. We will keep an eye on what fee will be sustainable in running the servers, while giving the best benefits to our delegators.